Dutch Mushrooms Go Pink

The following image doesn’t really need an explanation, other than to say that the event owes its success to the widespread support from the industry, friends and mushroom lovers throughout the world. The large Dutch contingent were well supported and we would like to acknowledge the sponsoring companies below.

The full list of sponsoring Dutch Companies (just in case you are like me and can’t quite make out the logos) is:

  • salarispoint
  • MCSubstradd
  • mycosupport
  • Prime Chanp
  • Topterra Holland
  • Christaens Group
  • Thilot Limbraco
  • Mushroom business
  • Berg Champignons
  • Lemmen Constructiebedaijf
  • RUBCOAT Special Coatings
  • Cpoint
  • Dalsem
  • Patron AEM
  • HOVING HOLLAND INT.BV mushroom and composting equipment
  • Walkro
  • Sylvan
  • Insight Mushroom Consulting
  • MUSHCOMB flexible new machinery
  • CNC
  • Smits Champignons
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A big thank you to McDon Mushroom Casing

Martin McCourt relaxing at Cobar

As everyone would have noticed by now the total donations have swelled to over $60,000. Now this type of total does not happen without a lot of old fashioned hard work, combined with lashings of generosity.

Now, one of the companies that deserve special recognition is McDon Mushroom Casing. Not content with just sending one of their own – Martin McCourt – to traverse the countryside, the company also choose to generously donate a 20 foot container of mushroom casing to any port in Australia. 

This “prize” was auctioned off at the mushroom conference, with the “winner” being Steve Powe from Powe Mushrooms.

The upshot from all this is that an additional $7,700 has been contributed to the cause thanks to the donation of product from McDon Mushroom Casing.  

How good is that!  Thank you Martin and thank you McDon Mushroom Casing..

And just in case you were wondering about the delivery, the container will be delivered courtesy of Myco Logistics. A win all round you could say.  

Thank you also to Powe Mushrooms for entering into the spirit of the event – no doubt their purchase will be put to good use in producing even more of the healthy all-rounder, for even more Australians to enjoy.

I was also glad to hear from Martin that he was well treated during his time on the bike, offering a thank you to all the participants and the support team for such a memorable and enjoyable trip from Sydney to Perth.

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Streaky Bay – Video Update

With the Mushroom Riders heading down and along the coast you would think that there was a fair chance they would see some of the beautiful coastline. And yet all the photos received to date are of our wide brown (and after the rain – green) land. So, just to prove that they actually did get near the water, I have included this video which was shot at Streaky Bay. Thankfully we didn’t equip the team with any pink swimming costumes, so the video still gets a G classification rating and is suitable for viewing by children of all ages. (Another Team Powe production.)

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Presentation Event in Perth

Last night (Wed 6 October) a presentation event was held to mark the end of the Mushrooms for Life Charity Ride. The event was a great opportunity for the riders to talk with family, friends and other mushroom lovers who have gathered in Perth for the annual conference to be held later this week.

All the riders were presented with certificates to commemorate their involvement with the event. The Dutch contingent also arranged for a framed certificate, complete with riders signatures to be presented to the organisers.

It would not be a presentation ceremony however, without making reference to the reasons behind the ride – raising funds for breast cancer research. With some $44,500 raised to date, organizer David Tolson, presented the Cancer Council WA with a cheque for $20,000. The presentation reinforced the longer term approach of the industry to funding research in this area and more particularly to research directed at discovering even more health benefits from eating the humble mushroom.

The funds were accepted by Cancer Council WA Director of Research, Terry Slevin, who thanked the participants for their efforts. He said the funds would be put to good use and indicated that the sharing of research knowledge was an important component of the ongoing fight against cancer.

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The donations keep on coming

As the writer of the blog I get to see the updates as they arrive. This morning one of our riders, Frances Vella deposited $418 in the fund and I had a quick chuckle at the explanation that went along with it.

Donations collected by Riders and Support Vehicle Crew: $5 lady from Cobar; $5 Gabbie from Silverton; $50 F Frank Seeley; $10 Rhonda & Peter from Victoria; $10Margaret and Colin Preece; $10 Anne Shaw; $80 Eyre Peninsula 9 day bus tour (Forgotten Corner); $5 Terry & Cheryl Jaensch @ Border Village SA/WA; $10 Jim & Jean East, Bairnsdale Vic; $10 Tom Winner; $20 Shona, Cocklebiddy Motel; $20 Garry Cocklebiddy Motel; $73 Anonymous & Rider fines; $50 more Rider fines; $60 additional Rider fines.

The first part shows that the riders were certainly visible. Although it was never our intention to gather donations along the track, it would appear that this highly visible (and no doubt sociable) bunch of mushroom ambassadors, attracted attention and support from a range of people.

The second part alludes to rider fines. Given the serious nature of the trip one would naturally expect perfect behavior, but apparently once you let them loose on the road…

Fines were imposed on riders not wearing vests (I hear that was you Glenn) or having to go pillion because of a bike break down (it’s a great looking bike Kevin, but it just lacks some impact on the back of the truck..). Not sure what the fine was for that clothing alteration at the fuel stop that I saw in one of the photos, but perhaps we will hear about that later.

All in all, a bit of good fun that added a few more dollars to the already impressive collection.

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Arriving in Perth

The Mushroom Riders made Perth a bit later than expected on Tuesday afternoon, but all in one piece. By all accounts a great time was had by all, making this possibly one of the best ways to raise money for such a worthy cause.

Well done everyone. I suspect everyone will now take a couple of well deserved days of rest and relaxation.

Having the first (of many!?) well deserved drinks to celebrate.

When it’s your first beer for the day you really do need to hold it tight.

It’s really not that hard to spot who “Today’s Hero” is.  Good on you Dad!

The first one always tastes the best..

Discussing the events of the day..

What do you do when someone lines you up for a photo and someone parks their bike right in front. The tour “cameraman” in action.

Some of the Mushroom Riders in Perth. I believe the rest were all out of shot phoning family and friends to let them know they had arrived.

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Nearly there – the Perth traffic – Video Update

This is the last of the video updates and highlights the Mushroom Riders heading into Perth. Not sure that they are that fond of the traffic but they are still looking the part anyway.

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