Arriving in Perth

The Mushroom Riders made Perth a bit later than expected on Tuesday afternoon, but all in one piece. By all accounts a great time was had by all, making this possibly one of the best ways to raise money for such a worthy cause.

Well done everyone. I suspect everyone will now take a couple of well deserved days of rest and relaxation.

Having the first (of many!?) well deserved drinks to celebrate.

When it’s your first beer for the day you really do need to hold it tight.

It’s really not that hard to spot who “Today’s Hero” is.  Good on you Dad!

The first one always tastes the best..

Discussing the events of the day..

What do you do when someone lines you up for a photo and someone parks their bike right in front. The tour “cameraman” in action.

Some of the Mushroom Riders in Perth. I believe the rest were all out of shot phoning family and friends to let them know they had arrived.

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