The donations keep on coming

As the writer of the blog I get to see the updates as they arrive. This morning one of our riders, Frances Vella deposited $418 in the fund and I had a quick chuckle at the explanation that went along with it.

Donations collected by Riders and Support Vehicle Crew: $5 lady from Cobar; $5 Gabbie from Silverton; $50 F Frank Seeley; $10 Rhonda & Peter from Victoria; $10Margaret and Colin Preece; $10 Anne Shaw; $80 Eyre Peninsula 9 day bus tour (Forgotten Corner); $5 Terry & Cheryl Jaensch @ Border Village SA/WA; $10 Jim & Jean East, Bairnsdale Vic; $10 Tom Winner; $20 Shona, Cocklebiddy Motel; $20 Garry Cocklebiddy Motel; $73 Anonymous & Rider fines; $50 more Rider fines; $60 additional Rider fines.

The first part shows that the riders were certainly visible. Although it was never our intention to gather donations along the track, it would appear that this highly visible (and no doubt sociable) bunch of mushroom ambassadors, attracted attention and support from a range of people.

The second part alludes to rider fines. Given the serious nature of the trip one would naturally expect perfect behavior, but apparently once you let them loose on the road…

Fines were imposed on riders not wearing vests (I hear that was you Glenn) or having to go pillion because of a bike break down (it’s a great looking bike Kevin, but it just lacks some impact on the back of the truck..). Not sure what the fine was for that clothing alteration at the fuel stop that I saw in one of the photos, but perhaps we will hear about that later.

All in all, a bit of good fun that added a few more dollars to the already impressive collection.

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