A big thank you to McDon Mushroom Casing

Martin McCourt relaxing at Cobar

As everyone would have noticed by now the total donations have swelled to over $60,000. Now this type of total does not happen without a lot of old fashioned hard work, combined with lashings of generosity.

Now, one of the companies that deserve special recognition is McDon Mushroom Casing. Not content with just sending one of their own – Martin McCourt – to traverse the countryside, the company also choose to generously donate a 20 foot container of mushroom casing to any port in Australia. 

This “prize” was auctioned off at the mushroom conference, with the “winner” being Steve Powe from Powe Mushrooms.

The upshot from all this is that an additional $7,700 has been contributed to the cause thanks to the donation of product from McDon Mushroom Casing.  

How good is that!  Thank you Martin and thank you McDon Mushroom Casing..

And just in case you were wondering about the delivery, the container will be delivered courtesy of Myco Logistics. A win all round you could say.  

Thank you also to Powe Mushrooms for entering into the spirit of the event – no doubt their purchase will be put to good use in producing even more of the healthy all-rounder, for even more Australians to enjoy.

I was also glad to hear from Martin that he was well treated during his time on the bike, offering a thank you to all the participants and the support team for such a memorable and enjoyable trip from Sydney to Perth.

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