Dutch Mushrooms Go Pink

The following image doesn’t really need an explanation, other than to say that the event owes its success to the widespread support from the industry, friends and mushroom lovers throughout the world. The large Dutch contingent were well supported and we would like to acknowledge the sponsoring companies below.

The full list of sponsoring Dutch Companies (just in case you are like me and can’t quite make out the logos) is:

  • salarispoint
  • MCSubstradd
  • mycosupport
  • Prime Chanp
  • Topterra Holland
  • Christaens Group
  • Thilot Limbraco
  • Mushroom business
  • Berg Champignons
  • Lemmen Constructiebedaijf
  • RUBCOAT Special Coatings
  • Cpoint
  • Dalsem
  • Patron AEM
  • HOVING HOLLAND INT.BV mushroom and composting equipment
  • Walkro
  • Sylvan
  • Insight Mushroom Consulting
  • MUSHCOMB flexible new machinery
  • CNC
  • Smits Champignons
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