Leaving Kalgoorlie – Video Update

When the riders left Kalgoorlie they were filmed by the local TV crew. This is not that film, but it does show some of the unique riding styles of our participants. Note sure whether the riding on the footpath technique (good for the filming) or the riding in the back of the trailer technique will ever really catch on.

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Showing some good form in Kalgoorlie

Well the ride might have finished but the evidence keeps pouring in. This group of photos was take in and around Kalgoorlie. Now most of the photos are self explanatory, but I do need someone to explain the new fashion in refueling adopted by Eric Houben…..

Relaxing in Kalgoorlie. Check out how good them team looks in their Charity Ride polo shirts.

I can’t believe that David convinced someone else to get into the dyeing fad. Eat Mushrooms. Dye your facial hair pink….

I’m sure that road sign says “Park if you are Pink””….

If the truck decides not to move, just park it in…

A new style in refueling!!?? It’s all Dutch to me….

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Entering Western Australia the hard way – Video Update

This video shows just how nice a bloke Kevin Tolson really is. Firstly he lends his precious Harley to a fellow rider and then he secondly fails to utter any curses (well, audible anyway!) when the bike ends up on the gravel. No damage done thankfully, and it is just another one of those stories to laugh about and tell everyone when you are having a cold beer.

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The Road from Port Augusta to Iron Knob – a video update

When I saw this video I thought it gave a good look at the surrounding countryside, but I had no real idea where they were (other than the clue that the videos were all shot between Port Augusta and the Western Australian border). Thankfully they went past a road sign and I could make out that they were just coming into Iron Knob. If you are interested in seeing how the country is looking after all that rain, then have a quick peek at this video. (Video courtesy of Team Powe.)

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Port Augusta – Video Update

Give a bloke a video on his helmet and you can rest assured that the films will just keep on coming. This time the film is of the riders leaving Port Augusta. As always, plenty of pink abounds when those Mushroom Riders are in town. The film is another Powe Production.

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A recap on what it was all about

 As the ride itself concludes, it is a great time to reflect on why the event was run. For the riders it was a great chance to get out and experience this great country; to have some fun and to make new (and deeper) friendships with others in our mushroom community. But the wider reasons go far deeper than that.

We all know mushrooms are a superfood and part of this trip has been about spreading the mushroom message. Another important part has been raising valuable funds to help in the fight against breast cancer (as of writing this entry almost $43,500 has been collected). And yet another part has been to highlight the longer term investment of industry in research that is examining how a regular meal of mushrooms can potentially help fight a range of serious diseases (including breast cancer).

Our riders have all shared three common things when they started this ride: they are all involved in the mushroom industry, they all enjoy riding motorbikes; and they all support ongoing research to help fight against breast cancer. On finishing the ride they now share a common experience as mushroom ambassadors – well done to everyone concerned.

  A special mention should be made of the commitment of the ride organiser, David Tolson. Anyone willing to dye their facial hair pink for the duration of the ride shows a willingness to stand out from the pack and deserves a special round of applause for truly getting into the spirit of the occasion.

Over the course of the 4,000 kilometres, the riders have worn special pink safety vests to highlight their support for breast cancer research and to draw awareness to the involvement of the mushroom industry. The pink vests also signify that the ride is part of a wider Australian “Mushrooms Go Pink” celebration as the industry marks a decade of support for global research on the link between mushrooms and good health.

 This celebration will see mushrooms sold in bright pink packaging during October, as the industry highlights its ongoing support for healthy research initiatives.

 The 2010 Mushrooms For Life Charity Motorbike Ride has been a positive way of contributing to local breast cancer research, while at the same time highlighting the longer term commitment of the mushroom industry to improve the health of all Australians.

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Mushroom Riders arrive in Perth

Just off the phone and from my brief conversation with one of our Mushroom Team in the west (thanks Noelene) I now know that they have arrived. A little later than expected, but they have arrived none the less. As soon as I have any photos of the arrival I will post them on the site.

Well done to all concerned.

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